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Workflow Automation

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RPA Workflow

Automation for Any and Every Repetitive Task

We are focusing on the implementation and customization of RPA applications from third-party leaders as well as open source stack.

We engage in real requirements during an RPA deployment that include  API access, real-time dashboards, regular reports and reports on request. For analytics, we often showcase built in tools such as elasticsearch and kibana reporting; This means that usage metrics can be analyzed in any way that customers need.


Key process automation areas which resonates with our customers are:


  • Accounts Payable

  • Claims Processing

  • Contact Center

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Healthcare Payer.

RPA in Energy (Oil and Gas, LNG)

We help to setup RPA workbench in specific energy processes such as:


  • Exploration Analytics and Analysis 

  • Well Production Analysis

  • Industrial Automation Integration

  • Operational Reporting

  • Compliance

  • Optimized Drilling Performance

RPA in Utilities (Electricity, Gas and Water)

We help to setup an RPA workbench in specific utility processes like M2C (meter to cash) operations at any utility organization in specific sub-process areas such as:


  • Account Setup

  • Meter Data Management

  • Billing

  • Payment Processing

  • Credit & Collections

Automation Means Profits

Together, we can perform at the highest levels.

RPA Partner

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