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E&P Data Management Solutions and Services

Today, E&P business environment demands more efficiency in operating margins, reduction of risks, and more transparency across internal lines of business, partners, and regulators. This transparency results in the expectation that a full, 360-degree view of operations will be used in decision making. Increasing data volumes across traditional and new data types (real-time, semi and unstructured) have created the well-known data explosion facing Petro/G&G data scientists. In addition, real-time drilling, completion and production data are overwhelming companies’ operational ability to analyze and execute on business plans.


To address this data explosion facing Petro/G&G data scientists, we have come up with E&P domain solutions that can easily work in the areas of digitization of seismic images and well logs, real-time analysis of drilling & production data, prediction of drilling and production operations, forecasting of asset failure, and deep learning from seismic sections. Using our in-house developed data quality tools, the focus is to maintain the data integrity through the data management process, so asset teams can trust the results are ready for analysis. Our customers get E&P digital transformation results in subsurface data with greater quality, visibility and access. We have established a CoE (Center of Excellence) in E&P data management, wherein consulting team of industry-recognized and highly skilled petroleum data managers can work on an onsite/offsite hybrid model. Our typical E&P data management consulting services covers the below focus areas.

Data Standardization

  • Seismic Headers Standardization (SEG)

  • Extraction of Metadata & Metadata Management

  • Well Data Standardization (WITSML)

  • Well Log Naming Standardization (PWLS)

  • Well Naming & Nomenclature

  • Horizon Naming

Data Migration

  • Data base Creation- Data model

  • Data mapping

  • Data Loading (Scripts/Forms)

  • Data capturing tools

Data Cleansing

  • Inspection & Cleaning of data for errors, inconsistencies, redundancies and incomplete information in Seismic, Well and Well Log, Drilling and Production Data

  • Data Quality – Correct, standardize and verify data, consistent datum'

Data Integration

  • Match, merge or link data from a variety of data sources 

  • Integration of E&P databases with ERPs for MIS reporting and BI

  • Integration of E&P databases with GIS (enterprise web portals)

Our E&P data management consultants work with flexible and on-demand contracts. This team can complement or augment your data management team based on your business requirements. The team comes up with skilled subsurface petroleum data managers, data scientists and bring the expertise in delivering E&P data management solutions across the E&P lifecycle. Some of the key E&P data management solutions across the fields of Automation, Analytics and AI are –

Applied Automation in

E&P Data Management

  • Seismic Digitization (Sections Images to SegY)

  • Well Logs Digitization (Images to LAS)

  • Well Logs Splicing and Merging

  • Well Logs Correlation

  • Drilling Operations Monitoring

  • Measuring Drilling Efficiencies for NPT

Applied Analytics in

E&P Data Management

  • Salt Prediction

  • Seismic Inversion

  • Lithology Prediction

  • Rules Based Monitoring of Fracture Index

  • Well Integrity

  • Production Analysis, Decline Curve Analysis (DCA)

Applied AI in

E&P Data Management

  • Facies Classification

  • Stuck Pipe, Drill Bit Selection

  • Production Optimization (Flow Rate Forecasting)

  • Gas Lift Optimization (Artificial Lift Selection)

  • Reservoir Production Analysis

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