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Digital Analytics

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Our Analytics Strategy

Savant Infotech specializes in full play Data Analytics set of services to its customers.

We help our customers embark on the Embedded Analytics play and enable to set up their enterprise scale of Data Analytics Workbench (DAW) for their teams across business functions.

Savant Infotech along with its partners have rich experience working with various tools in the market, both on Premise as well as Cloud instances and specializes in delivering projects in Data Analytics.    

Our digital analytics strategy is based on 3 major areas that looks at futuristic business strategies, present business challenges, and ROI benefits:


  • Customer's futuristic business strategies such as Digital Fields/Grids/Plants, Smart Assets, Automation in Operations, Green and Remote Operations, Robotics Inclusion, Asset Performance Monitoring using IoT, etc.

  • Customer’s ROI benefits from applied digital technologies in the areas of Automation, Analytics, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Blockchain, Cognitive, Cybersecurity, Cloud, etc.

  • Customer's current business challenges relating to operational challenges such as Asset Failures, Drilling Performance Optimization, Incidents, Cyberthreats, etc.

Start engaging from a host of our use cases/solutions already built into this workbench platform. Just plug-in your repository’s API or provide access through views, and we will set up this analytics workbench either in AWS or Azure for you.

Get quick insights from our existing use cases repository, start using the insights instantly at no additional infra or software investments at your end and zero disruption to your existing operations.


Full Play Data Analytics Services

Flexible engagement models and includes - T&M, Managed Services and Outcome based models,  Provides Cognitive, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning Services, Strategic Alliances with Analytics start-ups like Greenojo.

Engagement Model

Gradual technology execution - OPEX mode of technology transformation

Lower TCO by adopting – Public Cloud, Open Source, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and onsite/offsite project development strategies

Parallel Use Case (UC) implementations with ROI measurements for each UC

Business Outcomes + Fixed Model based contracts

Business SLAs instead of operational SLAs for all engagement contracts

  • DAW provides instant analytical results which can be easily consumed as a service 

  • Leverages a scalable 100% open source stack to provide a scalable stack to support advanced modelling and data visualization

  • 24x7 on cloud and available as a service   

  • Provides alerts and notifications, as well as anomalies/outliers reporting

  • Supports outlier learning, predictive and prescriptive models  

Analytics in Utility Industry


Smart Metering Data Analytics

  • Analyze mean load by each of your customer industries

  • Analyze daily/weekly/monthly seasonality’s pattern for each of your customer industries

  • Analyze the load/demand trends vis-à-vis the building size of your consumers

  • Forecast the load/demand for each cluster of your consumers

  • Generate daily/weekly/monthly profiles of aggregate consumption 

  • Energy consumption variations vis-à-vis temperature/applied tariff rates/tariff plans

  • Prediction of residential electricity bill amounts

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Customer Churn Analytics

  • Develop an attrition model to predict probability of churn of a given customer and extract underlying patterns

  • Analyze the buying intent of current customers and alert when a customer is indicative of a high intent of defection.

  • Monitor at-risk customers with ongoing behavior and alert sales/marketing teams

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Bills Collections Analytics

  • Determine which factors predict whether customers will pay their bills.

  • Develop a scorecard matrix for the customer base that can direct your collections team in its actions to deter the possibility of being left with bad debt.

  • Customer classification into high, medium and low propensity-to-pay segments based on their scores.

  • Extend the initial scoring model into other analytic areas, such as forecasting, segmentation and profitability down the road.

  • Construct service fraud models to profile usage patterns for identification of abnormal usage

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Analytics in Oil & Gas Industry


Subsurface Data Analytics

Solution certified in SAP HANA which helps in instant visualization as well as predictive analysis of logs from Oil & Gas upstream operations.

  • Uses prediction models for sub-surface characteristics, drilling plans, production, etc. 

  • Supports application of AI/ML algorithms for NPT reduction strategies

  • A/I and ML based module of lithology prediction combined with real time data can avoid drilling surprises/incidents

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Drilling Analytics

Solution addresses the need for real-time dashboards for drilling consoles for mud, pump, drill assembly, well integrity and pit/tank monitoring.

  • Combined data-to-insights process managing WITS (level 0 – ASCII), WITSML and LAS sources

  • Allows real-time, micro-batch as well batch wise visualization as well as analytics – from a time + depth perspective

  • Manages multiple monitoring dashboards - visibility to drilling parameters, such as mud properties, pump and casing pressure, tank volumes, etc. 

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E&P Data Analytics

Solution significantly reduces the TAT (Turn Around Time) for E&P data transformations jobs and enable Process Automation in E&P data management domain.

  • Adapters built in for SEGY, LAS, WITS, WITSML, PRODML, RESQML, etc. 

  • Automation Scripts for Routine tasks like Splicing, Merging, Data Transformation

  • E&P Logs Visualization extensions for Enterprise Reporting Tools

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Digital Healthcare – A Focused Vertical.

According to recent digital adoption surveys, less than 10% of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies
have implemented digital strategies. However, the current trend is indicating that both companies have
started to realize the impact of digital solutions on their businesses. The reason behind the digital health
transformation is rising health care costs, changing patient demographics, evolving customer
expectations, emerging market entrants, complex health, and technology ecosystem. The key driving
factors for digital health are a host of factors such as need for predictive and preventive care; less cost
and precise medical treatments and therapies; and increase of consumer/patient demand. Considering
the urgent need in today’s world, Savant Infotech has put in resources to develop solutions & app for this

Our digital healthcare solutions and applications target on new-age models and technologies that address
the drivers of health, enable early diagnosis, and continuously monitor response to treatment. Our
solutions focus on tech driven doctor-patient interaction, patient engagement strategies and analytics on
data generated from medical devices. The cutting-edge technologies like Cloud computing, 5G network,
Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) are
helping to streamline health care services with rapidly changing consumer preferences.

Some of our key engagements in Digital Healthcare


  • Monitoring Hospital Supply Chain Operations - Developed real-time KPI dashboards for a mid-sized hospital, US

  • Health risk profile analytics based on EMR, genome and imaging - Designed a PoC for an accelerator program in US

  • API 2 KPI from open healthcare data public datasets – Developed a PoC for the public policy administration based on predictive models applied on US healthcare datasets

  • Measuring health risks profile from environment data – Developed a risk scoring model from Air Quality datasets from US, Houston

  • Chatbot as a lead management tool – Solution developed for a leading hospital in India on data mining from lead conversations that happened using a chatbot

Some of our key solutions in Digital Healthcare

EMR Data Analytics (EDA)

  • Solution to address analytics on top of your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system with BI on cloud.

  • Setting up EMR analytics on cloud as per HIPPA compliance

  • Predict outcomes ranging from mortality rates to re-admissions, length of stay (LoS) and noses

  • Predict patients at high risk of postoperative complications. Predictor variables for the models included comorbidities, outpatient medications, and demographics

Genomes Data Analytics (GDA)

  • Solution powered by R BioConductor, UGENE and ADAM on AWS as well as GCP.

  • Data Mining in genomics/proteomics using R+Bioconductor/ UGEN/ADAM platforms 

  • Technical support in setting up and end to end data management of your genomics store

  • Technical Support to handle DNA sequence reads, reference-based alignments, and variant calls (using Genomics API)

Bioinformatics Lab Management

  • Solution to help you in setting up/upgrading your Bio-informatics IT lab  

  • Full services ownership for setting up an IT enabled bio-informatics lab

  • Technical support in the set up/upgrade powered by GCP/Azure Genomics platform

  • Supporting in your code development efforts in your R&D experiments

  • Skills training for your research team members on technologies such as R/BioConductor, Python, Azure ML, Google BigQuery, etc.

Business Impact

We believe a technology-enabled model has the potential to change ‘physicians’ future roles in delivering
health care services, infrastructure, and enablement. We are also helping healthcare service providers to
link digital offerings to strategically segmented customer experience and invest in core analytics to create
a 360-degree view of their consumers.

Our digital healthcare solutions target in -


  • Improving health risk identification from big data analytical lakes

  • Enhancing real-time analytics at the functional/departmental level of a healthcare provider

  • Providing a unified view of health data from multiple sources (EMR, medical images, genes, health insurance claims, diagnosis, and treatment reports – structured, semi-structured and unstructured

  • Improving hospital monitoring from real-time digital dashboards

  • Monitoring medical devices integrity across the value chain


Savant Infotech expertise and experience in both the business and Information technology spectrum of the Manufacturing and Energy industries, equips it with the solutions to comprehensively address the challenges faced by the business groups in handling the vast amounts of incoherent and unstructured information distributed throughout their enterprise. We specialize in integrating disparate sources of Information in a structured and coherent manner and analyze it to deliver clear and succinct Insight for C-Level executives of the organization. This Insight spurs the decision makers to implement transformational changes in processes, controls and execution methodologies that deliver the quantifiable financial Impact to their business.

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