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Process Automation

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RPA team

Enterprise Process Automation (EPA) = ERP + RPA/UiPath

Savant Infotech specializes in full play UiPath RPA set of services to its customers.

We help our customers embark on the RPA led journey and also assist them to transition from RPA to Robotic Cognitive Journey (by complementing RPA with machine Learning, OCR and NLP techniques), and thereby extend the contours of automation in their respective organizations.


Advisory Services

Automation an RPA strategy definition

Cognitive Value assessment

RPA Tool selection

Infrastructure Design and recommendations

Process assessment, Automation and RPA Pipeline identification

Implementation and Deployment services

Design, Build and Test services (both Configuration and customization)

Deployment services

Application Maintenance services

Bot Maintenance

Change Management

Incident, Problem management

Continuous Performance improvement


Full Play RPA services

Flexible engagement models and includes - T&M, Managed Services and Outcome based models

Provides not only RPA but also Cognitive RPA (or Robotic Cognitive Automation) Services, Strategic Alliances with UiPath.

Engagement Model

Gradual technology execution - OPEX mode of technology transformation

Lower TCO by adopting – Public Cloud, Open Source, Rapid Application Development (RAD) and onsite/offsite project development strategies

Parallel Use Case (UC) implementations with ROI measurements for each UC

Business Outcomes + Fixed Model based contracts

Business SLAs instead of operational SLAs for all engagement contracts

Savant Infotech along with its partners have rich experience working with various tools in the market, both on Premise as well as Cloud instances and specializes in delivering projects in UiPath. Our proven Enterprise RPA Engagement Lifecycle follows assessment, pilot, Robotic Framework, Analysis and Design, Build-Test. Deploy and operate.



  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity of the workforce - Automation results in freeing up human capacity who can focus on customer relationships and decision making

  • Reduce Operational Risk - Standardization of best practices, operational errors are eliminated

  • Greater Business Agility - Automations are much faster to develop and deploy, centralized command and control enables effective management of virtual workforce

  • Greater Control over IT Security and Business Insights - Effective handling of sensitive data, wealth of transaction data in audit logs

EPA in Oil & Gas Industry


Use Case# 1, Drilling + Completions - Automate data gathering from multiple Drilling & Completion sites

RPA bots can provide valuable support for operational reporting and drilling performance by automatically pulling data from systems, to help in the drilling analysis process.

Bot Activity

​Pulls data from multiple E&P systems and perform well lifecycle management tasks.


​Well related data, PO data, costs, AFE, and forecast data can be automatically pulled from multiple systems that can be used for 360-degree analysis. Bots can help to create a workflow/jobs queue-based data processing work for drilling teams.


​Drilling Engineers can leverage RPA tasks to identify differences between processing across rigs. This creates substantial time savings and ­streamlining, that results in significant financial improvements over the year.

Use Case# 2, Subsurface Data Management - Automate data gathering from multiple E&P apps

RPA bots can automate data request processing, data capture from legacy systems, data cleanup, data storage, conducting QA/QC steps to flag potential problems, etc. RPA bots can easily run 24x7 automated backend scripts for routine tasks like splicing, merging, data transformations.

Bot Activity

Sifts through multiple subsurface repositories and run data processing daily jobs.


Bots can automate data request processing, data capture from legacy systems, data clean up, data storage tasks from these multiple systems.


Capacity of the existing data management teams can expand, and they can be engaged in the data analytics tasks.

Use Case# 3, Lease Records Management - Automate Lease Payment and Reporting

Oil & Gas companies spend many human hours on legacy systems reviewing and manually entering the various clauses and dates associated with land leasing necessary to not “lose” a lease.

Bot Activity

Bots can automate the payment process for the leases as well as generate reports on different leases across geos, metrics around profitability.


Bots can automate lease payments and reporting, lease master data updates, lease exceptions monitoring and notifications to stakeholders.


RPA can automate this process and reduce costs while improving data quality and reducing errors.

Savant Infotech expertise and experience in both the business and Information technology spectrum of the Manufacturing and Energy industries, equips it with the solutions to comprehensively address the challenges faced by the business groups in handling the vast amounts of incoherent and unstructured information distributed throughout their enterprise. We specialize in integrating disparate sources of Information in a structured and coherent manner and analyze it to deliver clear and succinct Insight for C-Level executives of the organization. This Insight spurs the decision makers to implement transformational changes in processes, controls and execution methodologies that deliver the quantifiable financial Impact to their business.

Automation Means Profits

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